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introduction of NASA Empty introduction of NASA

on Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:17 am
NASA is acronym for National Aeronautical and Space Administration. It is owned by the government agency of United States and it is responsible for science and technology related to air and space. With the Advent of Space Age in 1957, when Sovient satellite Sputink was launched, NASA was created an year later in 1958. The purpose of NASA is to oversee space exploration and aeronautical research of US. As it is already known, astronauts in orbit conduct scientific research, satellites help scientists to learn more about earth, and solar probes are studying solar system and beyond. NASA is starting a new program to send people to explore beyond moon and Mars. The information gathered by NASA is made available for public to use for betterment of life, all over the world. Also, NASA helps teachers in the preparing students as future scientists, engineers, astronauts and future workers of NASA.
The headquarters of NASA is situated in Washington, D.C. It has nine centers, jet propulsion laboratory, and seven test and research facilities located in several states around the country.
The contribution of NASA in spaceflight is unlimited, Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs resulted in first Human moon landing in 1969. The robotic space probs have visited all the planets and other celestial bodies in space. The contribution of NASA in every day life uses Is unlimited, from smoke detectors to medical tests and many more has to come.
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