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3D printing robot Empty 3D printing robot

on Wed Sep 13, 2017 6:53 am
A robot has been created by researchers at MIT that can 3D print an entire building in matters of hours. This technology is important for the areas prone to disaster or on inhospitable planets. This is a revolutionary step in construction industry. Usually, fabrication of data is done on digitally and manufacturing and construction is done manually usually. Recently scientists have started to research better ways for construction i.e. 3D printing. A home could be coustomized to it's local enviornment, it could use building resources more efficiently, and it could deploy in a better way. Digital Construction Platform is the answer to everything. It's has hydraulic and electric robotic arms that has the capacity to be loaded with all kind of sensors to measure it's environment, including lasers and a radiation detecting Geiger counter. During the test it took 13.5 hours to build a doom shaped structure that was 14.6 meter wide and 3.7 meter tall. This was made of foam used as insulated formwork. 3D printing can use lesser material in a more efficient way and also create useful gradients i.e. wall thickness from bottom to top. Moreover, working with curves with this technique is more cost effective than traditional construction method. This 3D printing robot could produce a building that is in tune with enviornmental factors such as soil, moisture, temperature, wind direction and radiation level. It is also self sufficient as it is powered by solar energy and it can create material out of local ecosystem such as dirt.
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