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AI in age stopping Empty AI in age stopping

on Fri Sep 15, 2017 12:05 am
Ageing is a natural process in which cells of the body lose ability to divide, but with the passage of time scientists are being convinced that ageing is not a natural process but a disease. They are looking up to AI to stop ageing process in Human being. Scientists seek to slow ageing process or stop it altogether. These efforts are fueled by latest technologies, among these the use of stem cells combined with genetic and cellular manipulation is of great importance. More recently, the effects of rejuvenation effects of proteins found in Human blood, have been tested. In the question about the role of AI in age stopping process various examples of work being done in silico, to comat age related illness and ageing can be taken. One of the project known as an algorithm OncoFinder, which analyze the molecular pathway associated with growth and development of cancer and ageing. The goals are to build a comprehensive system to model and monitor the Human health status and rapidly correct any deviation from the ideal healthy state with lifestyle or therapeutic interventions. One major contribution to all this is the application of deep neural networks for predicting the age of person. AI also have major role in facilitating the development of drugs that could treat ageing and age related diseases. AI ecosystem is composed of multiple pipelines and with drug discovery and development of biomarker development pipelines, any disease could be altered. As ageing is being considered as a disease, many algorithms can be used to develop biomarker and drugs to prevent ageing.
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