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AI will figure out dolphins' language Empty AI will figure out dolphins' language

on Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:18 am
Now AI will be also used to interpret language of other animals. In this aspect after mastering 40 human languages, a Swedish startup turned to interpret the language of dolphins via the help of it's language-analysis software to unlock the secrets of communication employed by the aquatic mammals. Using the data from language-analysis, a dictionary will be compiled about the language of dolphins. Already various tech gaints e.g. Amazon is using AI for specific purposes such as interacting with costumers and delivering goods faster. Gavagai's software is the one that become a reason for 'the dolphin project', as it is capable of natural language processing in real life. This project has no financial goals, but it will help advancement of humanity in all areas. With new recording methods and larger resources for computation, more dolphin data is available which will leads to communication with animals eventually.
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