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Basic Formula to Describe Everything

on Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:08 am

P = Protons

E = Electrons

N=Neutrons or neutral.

Protons and Electrons = 100% or 100 units or the base energy field for their type.

Neutrons combine an electron and protons so they = 200%

Mass is decided by the size of the atoms radius compared to its magnetic field. The smaller the radius and higher the magnetic field the denser and heavier the atom.

Lets take Hydrogen for example it has 1 proton and electron so its 100%*100% to get a weak magnetic field of 10,000% over a large radius making it unstable. The larger the radius of an element compared to its magnetic field the more unstable the element.

The formula proves this creation is based on the over unity principle. Furthermore to turn a magnetic field of 100 p/e into a proton or electron you need one unit of plasma to hold it together.
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Formula to make Protons and Electrons

on Sun Oct 01, 2017 9:45 am
There are total of 3 quarks in a proton along with 3 gluons.  So my hypothesis is it would require 6 units of plasma, to 100 units of the base particle of positive magnetic fields.
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